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Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Bodyweigth Drop Set For Strength, Power, and Muscle!

September 13, 2010 1 comment

Hey I’m still over here in Brazil where it’s hotter and dryer than a Mo’Fo! LOL!

But you know me, I’ve got to stay on my game and keep it real!!


I can’t sit around otherwise I’ll go crazy!

So, I did a bodyweight drop set workout.
This was a bruiser!

I used basic bodyweight movements and performed them explosively.

I timed myself to see how long it would take and I got it in just over 10 mins!

Damn it! I wanted it in under 10 mins!

Next time I’ll have to go harder!

Here’s the workout:

Bodyweight Drop Set – 20-15-10-5 of Each Movement For Time:

1A) Squat Jump
1B) Plyo Push up/ Clapping Push Up
1C) Pull Up
1D) Lunge Jumps
1E) Pike w/ towel

Working out in the dry Brazilian heat ain’t no joke!

Now go get to work!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Quick Team Conditioning Workout For Strength, Stamina, and Power

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Here in Brazil there is little to NO access to special equipment or gym’s for that matter!

Instead of making excuses to skip workouts or come up with reason to not work on strength and conditioning and taking the easy way out, we made great use out of what we had.

Our own bodies.

Just the other day, I took a Brazilian Professional Football Team, The Cuiaba Arsenal, through a quick, but very effective bodyweight workout to focus on basic strength, power, and conditioning.

Here in Brazil it it’s hard to find the proper equipment to train with BUT there’s ALWAYS a way to train using just your bodyweight.

That goes for anywhere you are!

The Arsenal are coming up on their off week and they were pretty banged up from their game from a few days ago, so this workout was more focused in on moving the body a bunch to get their blood flowing which would help remove soreness and stiffness that was still present from the game.

With this workout, these guys were hit with something they have NEVER done before so some of them were pretty gassed!

Give them a few weeks to get used to this type of routine and they will become even deadlier!

Now, since I was training a large group, I wanted to keep thing very simple.

For this I used an interval based training session.  For the intervals, I used a 30 sec work period, coupled with a 15 sec rest period.

There were 5 basic movements, that when added all together, worked the whole body and forced the use of athleticism.

No ineffective movements.

After the first round, since this was a new routine, I cut the work/rest ratios down to 20 secs of work with 10 secs rest.

Here’s the Training we did:

Quick Bodyweight Workout For Strength, Power, and Conditioning:

1A) Power Broad Jumps

1B) Push Up Variation

1C) Lunge Jumps

1D) Bear Crawls – Forward/ Backwards

1E) Prisoner Squat or Squat Jumps

Then we went into some agility drills:

2A) Front to Back Hops x 10 sec bursts x 3 rounds

2B) Side to Side hops x 10 sec bursts x 3 rounds

2C) 5-10-10 Forward/Backwards agility drill x 2 rounds

SUPER simple but SUPER Effective!

Perform this training session for 4 total rounds for a quick 20 min workout.

Now go get after it!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


NO Excuses TRX Workout From Brazil For Strength and Conditioning

September 10, 2010 2 comments

What up all!

I’m still down here in the great Country of Brazil helping athletes better their abilities.

During the day, my friend of course works, which leaves me car-less

If I had a car I could probably make it to a local gym and sneak a workout in BUT I don’t need that!

You should know me by now! 😉

I wouldn’t know my way around this city any ways! I would get lost for sure!

I knoew this would probably happen so I came prepared!

I brought my trusty TRX Suspension Trainer.

I figured I would be showing the athletes here how to use it so I might as well use it right NOW!

Check out my NO Excuses TRX Workout straight from Brazil!

I hit a single strap TRX workout you need to try!

It’ll improve athleticism, strength, and power!

I did 30-15 work sets!

This is a KILLER!

My legs were still feeling the game as I got fatigued in the 2nd set!

I’m still pretty beat up from the game!

Check it out though!

No Excuses TRX Workout:

1A) 1Leg Burpee

1B) 1 Arm Row

1C) 1 Arm Push Up

1D) 1 Leg Squat Jump

1E) 1 Arm Face Pull

1F) Handstand Push Ups

This was TOUGH!

Especially in the Brazillian HEAT!

Now I can say I trained on my TRX in Brazil!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Please be sure to spread the word!

My goal is to build up a League of HARDCORE and MEAN Mo Fo’s!

Help join me!

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Brazil – Game Time!

September 8, 2010 5 comments


Well, the game came and went in a flash!

This was one of the most interesting football games I have been able to partake in.

The level of athletes playing in this game was far beyond what I had expected.

Guys hit hard!

They were aggressive, fast, and quick.

For the game of Football still being young in Brazil, the level of play was very high!

Here’s a highlight of the game…  There’s no sound BUT it’s probably in all Portuguese so you wouldn’t understand anyway.. LOL!

You can see the last bit of my touchdown…

Let’s give you a breakdown of the game…

On our first drive, I caught a 65 yard bomb for the first TD of the game!  I thought it was going to be easy after that…

It was an ongoing battle the rest of the first half and we went into halftime with a 6-0 lead.

Our main focus was to shut down their running game and we did a heck of a job doing that!

In the second half, the game remained very close.

I started playing more defense at Free Safety and got in on quite a few tackles.

Damn I miss football!!!!

It all came down to the last quarter.

They ended up scoring on an intercepted pass and then on a run inside the 10 yard line.

We had to come back and came through with a drive late in the fourth to tie up the game.

They had a chance to win the game on a last second field goal and they missed just to the right!

We were on offense first and took the ball from the 25 yard line and scored in just a few plays.  We hit the extra point to go up 13-7.

Then, they came back and scored on a 3 and goal.

Both teams use up their time outs.

They were going to go for two to win the game.

We knew they had a strong running game so we were all keyed into an all out blitz.

I was going to gun in from the outside and try to stop anything and everything they brought.

Just when the ball was snapped, I rushed in full speed and as I did, the QB turned and threw the ball straight to the side line!!!

SH*T!!!!  I thought!

Game over….  They had a man line up a yard from the side line as if he wasn’t even in the game!

They broke the huddle with 10 guys and nobody even noticed the receiver standing inches away from the sideline….

This was an ILLEGAL PLAY!!!!

In order for it to be a LEGAL play, all 11 players MUST of broken the huddle.

Or at least after having played football now for over 19 years, that’s the way I understood the game….

After the play took place, there was absolute pandemonium on the field!

The players from Rio stormed the field!

Refs were being taunted, players were yelling at each other, and fans going ballistic!

It was crazy!

I couldn’t understand a thing anyone was saying since it was all in Portuguese!

Too bad we had to lose on an ILLEGAL PLAY!

I’ve never seen anything like it!

There was a ruckus that ensued for about 20 mins!

But it was to no use, the game was over!

In the end, I had a hell of a time and I really look forward to helping the players on my team become better athletes.

In the next few days, I will be taking some of the athletes from the Arsenal through some hardcore training workouts.

I will be showing them the basics of program design for improved athleticism, strength, power, and speed.

This is the part I’m truly looking forward to!

Stay tuned for some video footage real soon!



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Brazil – Day 2 Pregame

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

What another day has been in Brazil!

My eyes are being opening wider and wider each day!

The dedication and drive these guys have to get together to make this team work is just something I can’t even explain.

You have to almost see it for yourself!

Over here in Brazil, things are different.

Things don’t come easy and life can be extremely hard which could be easily used for excuses.

These guys make things work out from nothing!

Makes me really step back and APPRECIATE the things I have and all of the stuff I have access to in America.

I’m extremely happy and proud to be over here making a difference in these guy’s lives and athletic careers.

Tomorrow we will take the field against the Fluminense Imperadores.

They are currently undeafeted in this league and if we win, the Arsenal will get homefield advantage in the up coming playoffs.

I can’t wait to ball up!!

It’s going to be a great experience!

Here’s our Pregame ritual:

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Brazil – Day 1

September 5, 2010 5 comments


What a start to an amazing trip!

As soon as I stepped foot off of the plane, Coach Orlando, the man responsible for creating and bringing this football league to Brazil and keep it GROWING  was there to pick me up and we headed straight to practice where the team was just finishing up.

Instead on being done when I got there, they were super excited and wanted to see what I had, so I ended up suiting up and running plays for about 2 hours!

It was nuts!  I even got interviewed by their local news!   I may be able to get my hands on that later!

But, I felt great!  I feel like I’m in top condition, fast, quick, and very light on my feet.

I feel better than I did in college ball.

I’m actually going to be suiting up Tuesday night to play in the game and let me tell you, I’ve never been more excited to play ball than I am now!

I never thought I would put pads on again!

I thought I was done!

This isn’t the NFL by any means but every single one of these guys on the team want to play and play their hearts out.

American Football is still a brand new sport in Brazil.  There’s very little knowledge about basic technique and drills for football.  That’s what I’m helping them out with here.

As for the strength and conditioning side of things, there’s a way to go on that as well.

In the next few days I’ll be taking these guys through basic dynamic war up drill,  and recovery methods as well.

I’m here because I CARE and I want to help make a difference in this league!

5 years ago, there wasn’t A football present in this city.

People had no idea what football was.

Over the last few years, teams have been growing and the skill levels and knowledge has become great as well.

There are now 14 teams across Brazil.  2 Conferences and 2 divisions in each conference.

Here’s the game I will be playing in on Tuesday ===>  www.lbfa.com.br

I can’t wait to unleash my knowledge to help benefit these guys over here!

They are so eager to learn which makes it even better!

I like to talk about commitment and dedication a lot, and I tell you what, these guys are 110% into it and to be brutally honest with you, they have more passion and drive that some young athletic teams do in America!

What an opportunity these guys have!

What an amazing opportunity I have!  To suit up again and throw on the pads again!  I wouldn’t give this up for the world!

I can’t wait to get the ball in my hands again and see what I can get done!

I feel stronger, faster, and quicker than I ever did in college!

I can blame that all on the intense training I’ve been committing myself to over the last few years.

In the next few days, we will continue to prepare more for our upcoming game on Tuesday!

Stay tuned for more coverage and film!

Enjoy this video now!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong

PS –  Hopefully I get some good coverage of the game on here in a few days as well!

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