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Lean and Mean – Day 3 Week 1

What up!

Came back strong with a great workout!

This one pushed me!

Here it is:


1A) Back Squats 6 x 3, 3, 3, 3, 1, 1

2A) Weighted Hand Stand Push Ups x 8-12

2B) Power Clean Pulls x 8

3A) HEAVY weighted sled drags and pulls x 150′ x 4 (This crushed the legs)

I was towing the sled and one of my feet slipped up and my fist hit the pavement HARD!.  Lost ALL the skin on my right hand knuckles…

War wounds baby!

Check this video out and rock out to this next time you hit max squats!  This song, if you listen to the lyrics reps everything I stand for when it comes to training, getting strong, and being successful in life!  I live for this!

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