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LEAN and MEAN – My First Attempt at “FRAN”

Crossfit is one of the biggest and fastest growing trends in the fitness world right now.

I haven’t jumped on board and never will.

I’m not Crossfit affiliated.

Just too much I don’t like about it.

But, at the same time, I do like a lot of things about Crossfit as well.

I like and respect the fact that they have created a sport in its own, which is basically Crossfit it self.

The games are coming up in less than a month and I’m a stickler for competition!

I’ve decided that next year, I will gun for the games and give it a shot.

I will continue to train as I do and see what happens.

Just the other day i thought I’d give one of their signature benchmark workouts a try.

It’s called “FRAN” and basically it a test of time to complete 21-15-9 reps of 95lbs Thruster and Kipping Pull Ups.

It really gets the lungs a burning and legs screaming.

I enjoyed it.

I believe the best time ever is under 2:00 minutes.  I wanted to get under 3 mins.

I went after it and got 2:49.  Not bad. Considering I do do Crossfit…

Check out the video:

I’ll be trying the other benchmark workouts as well to see where I stack up against other times.

I think it will be fun and challenging!

Exactly what you need when you want to work hard!

Stay tuned for Week 10 – Day 1 of LEAN and MEAN!!!

Get Forged Strong!


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