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16 Minute Workout For STRENGTH and Muscle

I can’t believe how many people use the excuse, “I don’t have time to workout!’

I got a heck of a workout in today in 16 mins!

I knew I was crunched for time as I have a TON of things to do before I roll out of the country tomorrow for Brazil!!!

I didn’t use my lack of time as an excuse to skip my workout!

If I only had 5 mins I would’ve figured up somehting EFFECTIVE to do with my time for a training session.

It can be done!   NO EXCUSES!

In an instance like this, sometimes you have to “free-flow” your workouts and get in what you can.

It’s a controlled mess as I like to say.

BUT, There’s still a “method behind the madness”.

Work of important lifts and leave the useless crap alone.

Here’s what I did in 16 mins….

1A) Bench Press 225 x 3 mins – get as many reps as possible in 3 mins

2A) TRX Atomic Push Ups x 20

2B) Overhead Squats x 20

3A) Pull Ups x 3 mins – get as many pull ups in 3 mins as possible

4A) TRX Atomic Push Ups 2 x 20

4B) TRX Knee Tucks  2 x 20

5A) Overhead Squats 2 x 20

6A) Recline Rope Row x max set

After my workout I had about 5 more mins to spare so I got some SUPER stretching in.

My hammies and hip flexors get tight as hell!

Make sure you’re stretching kids!

So, I’m super busy getting ready for the Brazil trip!

TONS of awesome training footage coming real soon!

I will have some special workouts for you as well and ALSO a HUGE announcement to make when I get back!

I’ll be posting in Brazil so no worries!



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