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Bodyweigth Drop Set For Strength, Power, and Muscle!

Hey I’m still over here in Brazil where it’s hotter and dryer than a Mo’Fo! LOL!

But you know me, I’ve got to stay on my game and keep it real!!


I can’t sit around otherwise I’ll go crazy!

So, I did a bodyweight drop set workout.
This was a bruiser!

I used basic bodyweight movements and performed them explosively.

I timed myself to see how long it would take and I got it in just over 10 mins!

Damn it! I wanted it in under 10 mins!

Next time I’ll have to go harder!

Here’s the workout:

Bodyweight Drop Set – 20-15-10-5 of Each Movement For Time:

1A) Squat Jump
1B) Plyo Push up/ Clapping Push Up
1C) Pull Up
1D) Lunge Jumps
1E) Pike w/ towel

Working out in the dry Brazilian heat ain’t no joke!

Now go get to work!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure you’re helping me build up a League of Hardcore Mean Mo’ Fo’s by sending this to your friends!

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  1. November 1, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    An interesting blog, keep up the good work.
    Remember that one doesn’t need to bulk up with weightlifting. Just get stronger fighting those weights and by doing this training the muscle to commit in total. When more of the muscle is used more calories are burned.

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