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Brazil – Day 2 Pregame

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

What another day has been in Brazil!

My eyes are being opening wider and wider each day!

The dedication and drive these guys have to get together to make this team work is just something I can’t even explain.

You have to almost see it for yourself!

Over here in Brazil, things are different.

Things don’t come easy and life can be extremely hard which could be easily used for excuses.

These guys make things work out from nothing!

Makes me really step back and APPRECIATE the things I have and all of the stuff I have access to in America.

I’m extremely happy and proud to be over here making a difference in these guy’s lives and athletic careers.

Tomorrow we will take the field against the Fluminense Imperadores.

They are currently undeafeted in this league and if we win, the Arsenal will get homefield advantage in the up coming playoffs.

I can’t wait to ball up!!

It’s going to be a great experience!

Here’s our Pregame ritual:

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Making DISCIPLINE A Way Of Life…

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

It simply amazes me how many people get upset about the littlest things.

WE in America have it waaaaayyyy tooooo easy.

We bitch and moan about the simplest things.

Easy things when you think about how much worse it could really be….

Take The Shaolin Monk’s…

A culture built on A lifestyle made of pure DISCIPLINE.

They are raised to be warriors and strong minded from the moment they are born.

From a young age, younger than most kids in America even start playing sports or going to school, Shaolin Monk children are already put to work by training hard and already creating their destiny through learning the art of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is an ancient form of combat but to these Shaolin Monk’s, it’s a form of devotion and life!

You think sticking to a regular training routine is hard?

How about being consistent with a healthy way of life and eating?

Think about how much discipline and commitment these Shaolin Monks have compared to the regular person.

I’m not the most disciplined guy out there but I consider myself pretty damn discipline and these monks put me to shame!

What most of this DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT comes down to is MINDSET.

Without a strong mind, thees Monks wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’m in no way saying YOU or even I have to live a lifestyle as aggressive and intense as this, BUT I want you to LEARN from this type of lifestyle.

Learn about how far DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT can take you in life.

If we in America were to apply so much as 50% of The Shoalin Monk’s Discipline to our own lives in some way shape or form, we would be über successful!

Watch the video and please, leave you’re comments!

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Transform Your Mind For Success – Act As IF

When I was back in college, devoting tons of time training hard for sports, I can remember the first time I played the Playstation game – God of War!

This game was SICK!

I was hooked!

I usually played Madden and College Football but this game I was honestly hooked to.

I was a HUGE junkie in college for video games (you know all the free time you get right??)!

Well I choose to either be training, playing football, or playing video games.

Somehow I managed to get a bunch of studying in there as well…

What hooked me to this game was the main character – Kratos, the God of War.

His attitude and demeanor was to DESTROY everything in his path no matter what!

He was fearless, STRONG, determined, and had Balls of Steel!

Granted it was all make believe but it’s these types of things (for me anyway) that create MOTIVATION!

It was the general idea of being like Kratos.

For me, I wanted to look  just like Kratos.

The guy was a RIPPED UP BEAST!

I wanted to look just like him and have the same determination and fearless attitude he had.

So every time I trained, I would “Act as If” I was Kratos and nothing could stop me!


I was determined and committed to building up my strength, speed, and power as much as I could.

The biggest change that took place when I “acted as if”, was my ATTITUDE.

Kratos from the God of War was the perfect role model figure for me.

Now for you, you may have something or someone else totally different in mind and that’s fine!

This is for me.

The point of this story and message is to “Act As IF” you are what you want to be.

If that’s being a FEARLESS, STRONG, DETERMINED, BEAST like Kratos, great!

Maybe for you it’s being an NFL receiver or running back that’s skilled in playing for the NFL, act as if you are them!

Train like the them, eat like them, make decisions like them….

Do what they do!

Be everything they are.

If you act in such a way, after a certain amount of time you will become similar to them.

Just like if you want to be rich, act as if you already are rich!

What types of things do rich people do?

The one’s I know go out and take action.

They are doers and action takers!

Model what they do.

Follow in their foot steps.

Just like I choose to do with my mentors in the Strength and Conditioning game, I try to model them and do as they do.

I learn from them and apply what I know!

The more I do it, the more I learn, and the better I become on my own!

It’s amazing what “acting as if” can do for you!

You need to try it out!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Let me know how you will “Act as If” in the comments below….

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This blog is getting a makeover, so if you enjoy HARDCORE, SERIOUS Strength Training, you’ll love the new blog!

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