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Quick Team Conditioning Workout For Strength, Stamina, and Power

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Here in Brazil there is little to NO access to special equipment or gym’s for that matter!

Instead of making excuses to skip workouts or come up with reason to not work on strength and conditioning and taking the easy way out, we made great use out of what we had.

Our own bodies.

Just the other day, I took a Brazilian Professional Football Team, The Cuiaba Arsenal, through a quick, but very effective bodyweight workout to focus on basic strength, power, and conditioning.

Here in Brazil it it’s hard to find the proper equipment to train with BUT there’s ALWAYS a way to train using just your bodyweight.

That goes for anywhere you are!

The Arsenal are coming up on their off week and they were pretty banged up from their game from a few days ago, so this workout was more focused in on moving the body a bunch to get their blood flowing which would help remove soreness and stiffness that was still present from the game.

With this workout, these guys were hit with something they have NEVER done before so some of them were pretty gassed!

Give them a few weeks to get used to this type of routine and they will become even deadlier!

Now, since I was training a large group, I wanted to keep thing very simple.

For this I used an interval based training session.  For the intervals, I used a 30 sec work period, coupled with a 15 sec rest period.

There were 5 basic movements, that when added all together, worked the whole body and forced the use of athleticism.

No ineffective movements.

After the first round, since this was a new routine, I cut the work/rest ratios down to 20 secs of work with 10 secs rest.

Here’s the Training we did:

Quick Bodyweight Workout For Strength, Power, and Conditioning:

1A) Power Broad Jumps

1B) Push Up Variation

1C) Lunge Jumps

1D) Bear Crawls – Forward/ Backwards

1E) Prisoner Squat or Squat Jumps

Then we went into some agility drills:

2A) Front to Back Hops x 10 sec bursts x 3 rounds

2B) Side to Side hops x 10 sec bursts x 3 rounds

2C) 5-10-10 Forward/Backwards agility drill x 2 rounds

SUPER simple but SUPER Effective!

Perform this training session for 4 total rounds for a quick 20 min workout.

Now go get after it!

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!



Agility and Power Drills – Unleashing and Building Your Inner Athlete

August 31, 2010 6 comments

I’m constantly using things I’ve learned from my past.

A problem I see with many athletes and trainees alike is that they are constantly looking for the next best thing.

The next program….

The newest gym….

The popular gadget…

So on and so forth…

Do YOU want to know my two cents – If you know something your currently  doing now works – why not keep USING IT!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…. Right???

It amazes me when a new flashy program or new gym pops open how everyone is so fast to join because “it’s the new thing” to do.

After a few weeks they realize its not all that great and its usually the same USELESS program just boxed up different…

You see this all the time where I live in Omaha with gyms popping up on every corner!

I say stick to your gunz!  Train for ATHLETICISM!

I’ve had countless opportunities to “get on the wagon” and join up in the new programs that come around but that ain’t me!

I’m OLD SCHOOL till I DIE!!!

I’m going to continue to rock the HARD CORE, NO BS Training style I’ve grown to represent.

It’s definitely NOT for everyone!

Training like an athlete is how I’ll train for the rest of my life!

I don’t know anything else that would appease me.

Leave the fancy gyms for the weak and pretty

So, The other day I hit an amazing training workout out on the football field.

All I had was myself and an open field.

Nothing else needed!

I hit up some good old fashioned agility drills and sprints.

The agility drills were what really amazed me.

I’ve still got my quickness but over time, I lost my coordination in the drills.

I know it will come back once I get more consistent with it but it really opened my eyes.

For my training I started it off with a series of EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENTS with bounds, skips, jumps, and single leg hops.

The focus on these drills is to pop off the ground as fast and as explosive as possible every rep!

When you’re working for plyometric drills,, your goal is to spend the LEAST amount of time on the ground as possible with your feet on each step.

Next, I hit some 5-10-5’s sideways, front to back, and straight ahead, working on deceleration and acceleration techniques.

Then I hit a drill called “4 corners” where you work on slowing yourself down, using quick choppy steps to cut at each corner.

Finally, I finished with some 20 yard sprints and as I walked back, when I got 10 yards away from the start I would walk on my hands back for 10 yards to the start and repeat.

That was a good little challenge!

All old school stuff I learned from back when I was playing ball as a kid.

Nothing new.

Nothing flashy.

Just plain old hard work!

If there’s  one thing I want you to learn from me while reading my blog, it’s to stick to what works, not to whats flashy, or new, or what everyone else is doing!

Be different and stick to the OLD SCHOOL RULEZ!

Be bold!

Be different!


Here’s a little training video for you’re viewing pleasure!


My Training Day:

1A) Plyos 2 sets of 25 yards Down and Back on Turf:

a) Power Skips

b) Bounds

c) Single Leg Hops

d) Broad Jumps

e) Frog Hops

2A) Shuttle Drills – 5/10/5 x 6 sets

3A) 4 Corners Drill x 6 sets

4A) Pro Agility Drill – 5/10/5 x 6 sets

4A) 20 yard Sprint w/ Handstand Walks x 10 yards x 6 sets

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure you’re always training for PERFORMANCE, then you’ll ensure maximum RESULTS!!!