16 Minute Workout For STRENGTH and Muscle

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

I can’t believe how many people use the excuse, “I don’t have time to workout!’

I got a heck of a workout in today in 16 mins!

I knew I was crunched for time as I have a TON of things to do before I roll out of the country tomorrow for Brazil!!!

I didn’t use my lack of time as an excuse to skip my workout!

If I only had 5 mins I would’ve figured up somehting EFFECTIVE to do with my time for a training session.

It can be done!   NO EXCUSES!

In an instance like this, sometimes you have to “free-flow” your workouts and get in what you can.

It’s a controlled mess as I like to say.

BUT, There’s still a “method behind the madness”.

Work of important lifts and leave the useless crap alone.

Here’s what I did in 16 mins….

1A) Bench Press 225 x 3 mins – get as many reps as possible in 3 mins

2A) TRX Atomic Push Ups x 20

2B) Overhead Squats x 20

3A) Pull Ups x 3 mins – get as many pull ups in 3 mins as possible

4A) TRX Atomic Push Ups 2 x 20

4B) TRX Knee Tucks  2 x 20

5A) Overhead Squats 2 x 20

6A) Recline Rope Row x max set

After my workout I had about 5 more mins to spare so I got some SUPER stretching in.

My hammies and hip flexors get tight as hell!

Make sure you’re stretching kids!

So, I’m super busy getting ready for the Brazil trip!

TONS of awesome training footage coming real soon!

I will have some special workouts for you as well and ALSO a HUGE announcement to make when I get back!

I’ll be posting in Brazil so no worries!



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Making DISCIPLINE A Way Of Life…

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

It simply amazes me how many people get upset about the littlest things.

WE in America have it waaaaayyyy tooooo easy.

We bitch and moan about the simplest things.

Easy things when you think about how much worse it could really be….

Take The Shaolin Monk’s…

A culture built on A lifestyle made of pure DISCIPLINE.

They are raised to be warriors and strong minded from the moment they are born.

From a young age, younger than most kids in America even start playing sports or going to school, Shaolin Monk children are already put to work by training hard and already creating their destiny through learning the art of Kung Fu.

Kung Fu is an ancient form of combat but to these Shaolin Monk’s, it’s a form of devotion and life!

You think sticking to a regular training routine is hard?

How about being consistent with a healthy way of life and eating?

Think about how much discipline and commitment these Shaolin Monks have compared to the regular person.

I’m not the most disciplined guy out there but I consider myself pretty damn discipline and these monks put me to shame!

What most of this DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT comes down to is MINDSET.

Without a strong mind, thees Monks wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’m in no way saying YOU or even I have to live a lifestyle as aggressive and intense as this, BUT I want you to LEARN from this type of lifestyle.

Learn about how far DISCIPLINE and COMMITMENT can take you in life.

If we in America were to apply so much as 50% of The Shoalin Monk’s Discipline to our own lives in some way shape or form, we would be über successful!

Watch the video and please, leave you’re comments!

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


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Agility and Power Drills – Unleashing and Building Your Inner Athlete

August 31, 2010 6 comments

I’m constantly using things I’ve learned from my past.

A problem I see with many athletes and trainees alike is that they are constantly looking for the next best thing.

The next program….

The newest gym….

The popular gadget…

So on and so forth…

Do YOU want to know my two cents – If you know something your currently  doing now works – why not keep USING IT!

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…. Right???

It amazes me when a new flashy program or new gym pops open how everyone is so fast to join because “it’s the new thing” to do.

After a few weeks they realize its not all that great and its usually the same USELESS program just boxed up different…

You see this all the time where I live in Omaha with gyms popping up on every corner!

I say stick to your gunz!  Train for ATHLETICISM!

I’ve had countless opportunities to “get on the wagon” and join up in the new programs that come around but that ain’t me!

I’m OLD SCHOOL till I DIE!!!

I’m going to continue to rock the HARD CORE, NO BS Training style I’ve grown to represent.

It’s definitely NOT for everyone!

Training like an athlete is how I’ll train for the rest of my life!

I don’t know anything else that would appease me.

Leave the fancy gyms for the weak and pretty

So, The other day I hit an amazing training workout out on the football field.

All I had was myself and an open field.

Nothing else needed!

I hit up some good old fashioned agility drills and sprints.

The agility drills were what really amazed me.

I’ve still got my quickness but over time, I lost my coordination in the drills.

I know it will come back once I get more consistent with it but it really opened my eyes.

For my training I started it off with a series of EXPLOSIVE MOVEMENTS with bounds, skips, jumps, and single leg hops.

The focus on these drills is to pop off the ground as fast and as explosive as possible every rep!

When you’re working for plyometric drills,, your goal is to spend the LEAST amount of time on the ground as possible with your feet on each step.

Next, I hit some 5-10-5’s sideways, front to back, and straight ahead, working on deceleration and acceleration techniques.

Then I hit a drill called “4 corners” where you work on slowing yourself down, using quick choppy steps to cut at each corner.

Finally, I finished with some 20 yard sprints and as I walked back, when I got 10 yards away from the start I would walk on my hands back for 10 yards to the start and repeat.

That was a good little challenge!

All old school stuff I learned from back when I was playing ball as a kid.

Nothing new.

Nothing flashy.

Just plain old hard work!

If there’s  one thing I want you to learn from me while reading my blog, it’s to stick to what works, not to whats flashy, or new, or what everyone else is doing!

Be different and stick to the OLD SCHOOL RULEZ!

Be bold!

Be different!


Here’s a little training video for you’re viewing pleasure!


My Training Day:

1A) Plyos 2 sets of 25 yards Down and Back on Turf:

a) Power Skips

b) Bounds

c) Single Leg Hops

d) Broad Jumps

e) Frog Hops

2A) Shuttle Drills – 5/10/5 x 6 sets

3A) 4 Corners Drill x 6 sets

4A) Pro Agility Drill – 5/10/5 x 6 sets

4A) 20 yard Sprint w/ Handstand Walks x 10 yards x 6 sets

Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Make sure you’re always training for PERFORMANCE, then you’ll ensure maximum RESULTS!!!

Transform Your Mind For Success – Act As IF

When I was back in college, devoting tons of time training hard for sports, I can remember the first time I played the Playstation game – God of War!

This game was SICK!

I was hooked!

I usually played Madden and College Football but this game I was honestly hooked to.

I was a HUGE junkie in college for video games (you know all the free time you get right??)!

Well I choose to either be training, playing football, or playing video games.

Somehow I managed to get a bunch of studying in there as well…

What hooked me to this game was the main character – Kratos, the God of War.

His attitude and demeanor was to DESTROY everything in his path no matter what!

He was fearless, STRONG, determined, and had Balls of Steel!

Granted it was all make believe but it’s these types of things (for me anyway) that create MOTIVATION!

It was the general idea of being like Kratos.

For me, I wanted to look  just like Kratos.

The guy was a RIPPED UP BEAST!

I wanted to look just like him and have the same determination and fearless attitude he had.

So every time I trained, I would “Act as If” I was Kratos and nothing could stop me!


I was determined and committed to building up my strength, speed, and power as much as I could.

The biggest change that took place when I “acted as if”, was my ATTITUDE.

Kratos from the God of War was the perfect role model figure for me.

Now for you, you may have something or someone else totally different in mind and that’s fine!

This is for me.

The point of this story and message is to “Act As IF” you are what you want to be.

If that’s being a FEARLESS, STRONG, DETERMINED, BEAST like Kratos, great!

Maybe for you it’s being an NFL receiver or running back that’s skilled in playing for the NFL, act as if you are them!

Train like the them, eat like them, make decisions like them….

Do what they do!

Be everything they are.

If you act in such a way, after a certain amount of time you will become similar to them.

Just like if you want to be rich, act as if you already are rich!

What types of things do rich people do?

The one’s I know go out and take action.

They are doers and action takers!

Model what they do.

Follow in their foot steps.

Just like I choose to do with my mentors in the Strength and Conditioning game, I try to model them and do as they do.

I learn from them and apply what I know!

The more I do it, the more I learn, and the better I become on my own!

It’s amazing what “acting as if” can do for you!

You need to try it out!


Live Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Let me know how you will “Act as If” in the comments below….

PPS – Be ready for the NEW BLOG launch coming REAL soon!

This blog is getting a makeover, so if you enjoy HARDCORE, SERIOUS Strength Training, you’ll love the new blog!

ALSO, There will be plenty of FREE gifts for you upon joining the new Hardcore Strength Community!

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Brutal Combo Training For Extreme Strength, Muscle, and Power Gains!

August 28, 2010 4 comments

You know, there are countless amounts of tools to use for BUILDING  STRENGTH, MUSCLE, and ATHLETICISM out there.

What to use, what to use….

Hmmmmm….  Perhaps…











What happens when you want to use two at the same time???

Brutal Combo Training is what happens!!!!

I love messing around and one day, with all this messing around I was doing I discovered a really cool and innovative way to combine two different types of training tools into one.

Most people think if you’re training with kettlebells, you have to just stick with kettlebells for that particular exercise.

Why not mix it up a bit???

Well, I’m ALL about breaking the rules so I started to combine tools together to create some really awesome effects!

I have seen my strength, power, and conditioning go up for sure from doing these crazy combo exercises.

Power Combos are pure BRUTALITY!

A lot of them load you up in a different way that really forces your body to work harder to adapt.

With many of these combo movements, the core idea is to create an imbalance in the body to force it to work harder.

The other great thing about these Brutal Combo Training moves is that they are limited to only your imagination!

I say throw out the training books and journals every once in a while and get FREAKIN’ real!

Do some experiments to see what will really make you stronger and get you to be a better overall athlete!

Some of these exercise combos you may have already seen, but some of them you may of never even thought of!

These are JUST a handful of the Brutal Combos I came up with in my “harcore test kitchen”, The Forged Athlete Gym

Check out Part 1…

These are highly unconventional and TOUGH, but DON’T be afraid 😉

Get after it!



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Building Upper Body Strength and Muscle w/ Bands and Ropes

August 26, 2010 1 comment

Two simple tools you can add to your arsenal to make some of your lifts not only stronger but more challenging are ropes and bands.

I’m all for unconventional training that really pushes you beyond your means.

You should be well aware of this by now!  😉

Today’s training day was NO different.

I added in bands to assist in my bench press and I added ropes for my rows.

For the bench, I did reverse band bench presses.

What reverse band bench presses do  is help you increase the amount of weight you work with on the bar.

At the top of the lift the weight is at its actual weight – HEAVY.

When you hit your chest, the weight is significantly less due to the tension in the band pulling up on the weight.

This is great for working on explosive strength as you must accelerate through the entire lift.

The weight gets heavier and heavier near the top as the band losses tension.

So if you slow down, you’re in trouble!

Reverse Band Bench Pressing  is a great way to add tons of weight to the bar.

After a few mini cycles of doing this from week to week, you will see an increase in your overall bench max for sure!

I usually rotate it in and out on a weekly basis.

Now, to superset with that, I got the homemade sled out and did some bent over hand over hand rope rows.

These kick ass and will kick your ass at the same time!

Hand over hand rope rows are very challenging!

It’s easy – grab the rope and pull until you get the sled to your feet.

The rope length I’m using is about 40-50 ft.  It’s a good enough distance to where it really pushes you, especially when you have enough weight on the sled.

I’ve been asked about where I get my bands and ropes from…

For my ropes, I would contact a local boat store – I paid $1 per foot!!!  This is INSANE pricing!  Most places you’re looking at about $2-2.50 per foot!

Check it out!

For the bands, I go through Performax Bands – Dave “The Band Man” Schmitz created these and he’s a real innovator when it comes to bands training.

Check out his site here for bands and packages for training ===>  Performax bands 4 You

You see, it’s these types of unconventional means that can make a HUGE difference on your results.

You can stick to doing your regular bench presses and bent over rows but whats the fun and challenge in that?

Throwing these types of modalities into your progress (THE RIGHT WAY) can make a big impact on your progress!

I’ve steadily seen my bench increase over the months with implementing the reverse band bench press into my training every few workouts as well as seen my pulling strength increase from adding in the rope rows.

Two very good tools to use – Bands and ropes!

Here’s my Training Day:

1A) Plyo Push Ups 5 x 8 – Multiple variations

2A) Reverse Band Bench Press 5 x 3

2B) HOH Rope Rows 5 x 1

3A) Prowler Sprint 2 – 30 yard sprints x 4 rounds

3B) Full Overhead KB Swing 4 x 4 rounds

3C) Ring Pull Ups 8 x 4 rounds

Another great day of training in the books!

I’m feeling STRONG!

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – My Brazil Trip is right around the corner!

I’m getting pumped!

Stay tuned and BE READY for awesome training footage to come!

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Get That Swagger Back!

August 24, 2010 1 comment

You ever have those days where you feel weak?

After a workout you feel like a failure?

You couldn’t hit your max, the weight was light, and you feel like you just didn’t get very much out of the workout…

I have those days ever once in a great while.

For the most part, I know everyone does!

I’m sure you do to0.

I bet you can visualize right now a particular workout that left you feeling this way.

There’s nothing wrong with that because it happens!

But you know what, the next workout after that, you’ve got to GET THAT SWAGGER BACK!

You see, I like to preach that training is like a battle.

Everytime you must be prepared and ready for ALL OUT WAR!

It’s you against the iron…

Two people enter…  One person leaves….

Who will it be???

Sometimes like I said above, we get beat.


Sometimes we lose battles….

But what makes us a true winner, is getting back up, and winning the WAR!

You know those workouts where you just have to dig down deep and find something you never knew you even had???

It’s the training sessions I’m talking about where you thought you couldn’t even go one bit more but you did!

It’s these sessions where you discover a whole new part of YOU.

A stronger You!

A better You!


These “swagger workouts” are the ones that keep you coming back for more.

They push you!

They change you!!!!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to get up to my level and take your training a little more seriously.

If you don’t understand me still, maybe this is the wrong blog for you!

I want people that understand where I’m coming from.

I want people that have a serious attitude towards training.

I want you to be the BEST athlete you can be!  NO Questions Asked!

To do so, you’ve got to find your SWAGGER!

Dig deep and see what you’re made of!

Today’s Training forced me to find that SWAGGER once again….

Check it…

1A) Seated Box Jumps out of foam 5 x 4

2A) Front Squats 5 x 5

3A) Sandbag Clean and Press ( I had to DIG deep for this!)  4 x 5

3B) Hanging Leg Raises from Rings 4 x 10-12

4A) Back Extensions 3 x 12

Get that Swagger kids!

Live Life Aggressive and Get Strong!


PS – Feel free to share some of your workouts where you were forced to DIG a little deeper than you thought you could go…

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